Wednesday, October 6, 2010





Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 1. Check!

So, I said I'd do 2 miles. And I RAN 2 miles.

A few weeks ago, me and Bradley got new Ipods and NikePlus sensors to track our runs. We've used these in the past and both agree that it helps as far as accountability.

Tonight, I used my Nike Plus for the first time (since calibrating it).

That's when I ran into a problem. Apparently the calibration is off. Rather than post my stats that were inconsistent with the treadmill and with how I actually felt like I was doing, I plan on recalibrating it tomorrow and trying again.

Important running : make sure your shoes fit YOU! If your local sports store can help you find the perfect running shoe, take advantage of it! Your feet are very important, take care of them.

Do It, Then Do It Again!

Hey ya'll!

It's that time again! What time, you ask? Well.... you see last year by this time I had committed to raising $2400 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in trade of training and motivation to get me across the finish line of my FIRST HALF MARATHON!

Only, this time is different. I won't be running with TNT, nor will I be raising money. I'll be done this for me! I've decided to write this blog to track my training and for a way for you to hold me accountable :)

I will be training to complete my second half marathon! This year's race will be held February 13, 2011!

Wish me luck as I set out to complete my goals!

I will post my training schedule and other fun tips in future posts - so make sure to come back.

Todays mission: 2 miles...